Eco Friendly Gifting

It almost goes without saying that at Heartwoods, we always try to do the right thing for the environment. We’ve taken care to wrap our trees in compostable bags, derived from natural starches. Any paper we use is 100% recycled, and acid-free.

And our planters are made from invasive Port Jacksons, cut down and re-used by local entrepreneurs. Our hearts are hand carved and sanded by local entrepreneurs and using unwanted wood.  Even our boxes are made from 100% recycled cardboard. It’s all part of our commitment to the sustainability of our business and the preservation of the natural environment.

Heartwood works with Right Mukore, an amazing Sculptor at Montebello in Newlands, Cape Town. He sculpts from wood and stone and creates truly beautiful pieces of art. He has created our hearts and wooden animals. They are carved from unwanted Camphor and Jacaranda trees – and he is teaching students to learn his craft.

Heartwood offers a range of indigenous saplings such as Wild Olive (Olea africana), Outeniqua Yellowwood (Podocarpus falcatus) and Cape Ash (Ekebergia capensis).
[All of our trees can be branded with eco-friendly ink and are great to use in tree-planting teambuilding exercises or in a corporate social investment project].

Whichever way you choose to use them, Heartwood trees are the perfect gift. 

We plant with pride!