Heartwood  was created with the idea that small things count.

The gifts we give each other shouldn’t be instantly forgettable – yet another gift voucher – or temporary like cut flowers.

Instead they should be sustainable symbols: good for the giver, the receiver, and the environment. Better than a diamond, a tree really is forever – growing, living, greening.

I founded Heartwood in 2009 as part of our journey to being green in our family and business – including at our guesthouse in Cape Town. From the trees we sell, through to the paper we print our tags on, to our Port Jackson planters, everything is done with the environment and future in mind. It’s part of our commitment to the sustainability of our business and the preservation of the natural environment.

Jenni Rowe – Founder

Trees are our poems, and our histories. Aristotle taught under a tree. Buddha achieved enlightenment through one. And Newton was inspired. Oaks, they say, are wise. Olive trees bring peace. The Weeping Willow mourns. In Norse mythology, the world is a giant Ash – its roots tangled in the affairs of man, its branches brushing the stars.

And at the core of every tree is its Heartwood. With rings listing battle scars and new growth. Recording a history; writing a poem. What will yours say?