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Step 1: Choose your tree

We offer a selection of indigenous species along with a few famous citrus trees. All are delivered as saplings (weighing approximately 4kg), about a metre high.

Before making your selection, you may click on any tree below for more information. Once you have chosen your tree, you may accessorise it by proceeding to step 2.

Please remember to click on the “Add to wheelbarrow” button to purchase, before proceeding to step 2.

Click on a tree for more information.

  • Assegai
    R 350.00

  • Cape Ash
    R 350.00

  • Lemon Tree
    R 420.00

  • Mission Olive Tree
    R 420.00

  • Orange Tree
    R 420.00

  • Waterberry
    R 350.00

  • Wild Olive
    R 350.00

  • Yellowwood
    R 350.00

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(Podocarpus falcatus)
Price: R 350
Available in the following regions: Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape

The Yellowwood: sunshine made solid. The beautiful, glowing timber of the Yellowwood is instantly recognisable. It has been used to create furniture, as well as roof beams, floorboards and window frames, and is the best choice for boat building. It makes for an attractive addition to any garden and thrives as a container plant too.

The Yellowwood is a protected evergreen, with its fruit eaten by bats, bush pigs and birds. (Its dense crown also makes it a favourite nesting choice.) This indigenous tree’s sap has medicinal properties and can help treat chest complaints.

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