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We offer a selection of indigenous species along with a few famous citrus trees. All are delivered as saplings (weighing approximately 4kg), about a metre high.

Before making your selection, you may click on any tree below for more information. Once you have chosen your tree, you may accessorise it by proceeding to step 2.

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  • Assegai
    R 350.00

  • Cape Ash
    R 350.00

  • Lemon Tree
    R 420.00

  • Mission Olive Tree
    R 420.00

  • Orange Tree
    R 420.00

  • Waterberry
    R 350.00

  • Wild Olive
    R 350.00

  • Yellowwood
    R 350.00

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(Curtisia dentata)
Price: R 350
Available in the following regions: KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape

The Assegai is a brave and strong tree. According to legend, its ancestors were used in the carving of the Trojan Horse. In South Africa, the Assegai’s durable wood was employed in wagon-making, furniture and weaponry. The bark remains in great demand for traditional medicines, and is used to treat stomach ailments.

A medium to tall evergreen tree, the Assegai averages 2m to 12m in height, but can reach up to 20m. Flowers are inconspicuous, but the small white or pink-tinged fruit can be very decorative. Those wanting to attract birdlife to their gardens would do well to plant an Assegai.

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