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We offer a selection of indigenous species along with a few famous citrus trees. All are delivered as saplings (weighing approximately 4kg), about a metre high.

Before making your selection, you may click on any tree below for more information. Once you have chosen your tree, you may accessorise it by proceeding to step 2.

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  • Assegai
    R 350.00

  • Cape Ash
    R 350.00

  • Lemon Tree
    R 420.00

  • Mission Olive Tree
    R 420.00

  • Orange Tree
    R 420.00

  • Waterberry
    R 350.00

  • Wild Olive
    R 350.00

  • Yellowwood
    R 350.00

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(Ekebergia capensis)
Price: R 350
Available in the following regions: Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, Western Cape

The Cape Ash: a friend to birds and animals. A protected species in South Africa, the Cape Ash is part of the floral landscape – often found in parks, or lining streets. Its fruit attracts birds such as loeries, hornbills and mousebirds, while its leaves are favoured by kudu, nyala and bushbuck. People have also used its roots for medicinal purposes, primarily for the treatment of headaches and intestinal worms.

The Cape Ash is an indigenous evergreen, growing up to 20m tall.

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