Shoots & Snippets


Shoots & Snippets

Local entrepreneur’s to partner with Heartwood

Entrepreneur, Mthobeli Bakana (known as Aaron), has been given municipal permission to cut down alien vegetation and transform it into beautiful Heartwood planters! Species like the Port Jackson have long been acknowledged as invaders of the territory normally occupied by indigenous fynbos. Port Jackson trees germinate prolifically, drawing on water resources and crowding out more desirable growth. So, by using and controlling this species, we further reduce the carbon footprint of Heartwood. And give local industry a boost at the same time.

Right Mukore, an amazing Sculptor has a small business operating out of Montebello. He sculpts from wood and stone and creates truly beautiful pieces of art. He and Wonder have created our hearts and wooden animals. They are carved from unwanted Camphor and Jacaranda trees. He is also teaching students to learn his craft.


Mthobeli Bakana (Aaron)

Right Mukore

Wonder and Right
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